Jennifer Aniston has gained 50 pounds! Here’s why

Jennifer Aniston has gained 50 pounds! Here’s why

Jennifer Aniston has always been a beautiful woman who knew how to take care of her body amid the ruthless Hollywood scene. However, it looks like for the first time in her life, the actress has lost control over her weight. The stressful marriage that she has been having lately might have just pushed her to eat her emotions and the “Friends” actress has gained over 50 pounds!

Aniston and her husband, Justin Theroux "have been at each others' throats ever since he found out" that the actress has been keeping close to Brad Pitt, comforting him after the split from Angelina Jolie.

As we all know, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been an item before and it made Justin suspect that she was trying to take the opportunity that Brad is now single and try to rekindle their past love. "Jen's a mess because Justin is furious that she's been way too available" for Brad, added the source.

According to the insider, Theroux is jealous and "feels totally betrayed, but Jen has told him Brad just needs a sympathetic ear."

Theroux has been out of the country, in Germany, and during this time, despite the distance between the married couple, there were still "a lot of angry phone calls, voicemails and texts."

"Jen is devastated by this. The only thing she can find comfort in is food. And now her friends are afraid she may be eating herself to death!"

"She's put on nearly 50 pounds," stated Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of The Park Avenue Diet, who examined recent photos of Aniston’s.

Jennifer Aniston looked unhappy even during the premier of her new movie, Office Christmas Party, last month, when fans were able to notice the weight gain.

Experts say that seeking comfort in food may not only put her health in danger but also completely ruin her marriage. "It's a temporary band-aid that won't cure anything," said relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle. "She needs to get her priorities straight or the marriage is doomed!"


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