Jennifer Aniston Hailed By Fans After She Says Not To Vote For Kanye West - Will West Respond?

Jennifer Aniston Hailed By Fans After She Says Not To Vote For Kanye West - Will West Respond?
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Hot New Hip Hop says Jennifer Aniston isn't here for a Kanye West presidency . Earlier this weekend, Aniston took to her Instagram account to say that she cast her vote in this year's election while telling her followers that it wasn't funny to vote for Kanye West, who announced his campaign back on the 4th of July weekend.

Jennifer said explicitly, "it's not funny to vote for Kanye," before going on to say there was no other way to say it. She added, "please be responsible." Stars such as Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Naomi Campbell all liked her post and included patriotic statements.

Thus far, Kanye West hasn't said anything in response, but the comment section has since been flooded with people who either support Kanye West and think he's a brilliant man or the exact opposite.

Fans of West know his campaign has been controversial ever since he announced it during the summer months. The rapper has since been accused of setting up a fake campaign to simply help his "buddy," Donald Trump, win the presidential election this year.

Reportedly, black Americans overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic party and have done so for many years. And if Kanye is a candidate, he'll pull votes away from the presidential candidate, because many black Americans may potentially vote for him instead of Joe Biden.

Forbes Magazine was the first outlet to speculate on the "real" reason for Kanye's campaign, however, during Kanye's appearence on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast today, the rapper said he decided to run for office because he felt that a higher power wanted him too.

Either way, Kanye's presidential bid has caused a lot of problems for him in the black community. For example, the stand-up comedian, DL Hughley, described Kanye as one of the worst types of humans on the planet, and he compared him to the president.


He accused Kanye of merely "acting crazy" whenever he has a new project coming out. Additionally, he stated that Kanye and Trump, both, have the same sort of narcissistic personality.

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