Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Caught Drinking Jay-Z's And Beyonce's Ace Of Spades Champagne

Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon Caught Drinking Jay-Z's And Beyonce's Ace Of Spades Champagne
Credit: Source: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Beyonce and Jay-Z made a statement at the 2020 Golden Globes. First, they arrived fashionably late. Second, they brought their own champagne — Armand de Brignac, Ace of Spades. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were both nominated for Golden Globes for their roles in the new Apple TV series The Morning Show . The co-stars were seated at the same table and became distraught when they drank their own drinks, including water, and found themselves thirsty and in need of some bubbly to wet their pipes. According to Jennifer's Instagram account, where she has 23.2 million followers, Reese came up with the idea to approach Beyonce and Jay-Z and ask for a glass of their champagne. Not only did they oblige, but Jennifer and Reese shared photos of the pair drinking it up.

It was clear that both Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are good friends and the rumors suggesting anything otherwise are just that — rumors. Both women shared their looks from the Golden Globes and after parties on their Instagram accounts but chose to dish about the Ace of Spades champagne on their Instastories.

A quick peek at both celebrities' Instastories also make it abundantly clear that these two are becoming the best of friends.

In fact, when Jennifer shared her story about Reese approaching Beyonce and Jay-Z for the champagne, she said, "Reese, this is one of the many reasons why I love you!"

You may see the photo that Jennifer Aniston shared below.

Source: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

In a second photo that both women shared on their Instagram accounts, you can see as the women were holding hands. They co-announced two awards during the Golden Globes, including the award for Russell Crowe, who was absent due to the Australian bushfires.

Source: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Jennifer looked as if she was thoroughly enjoying the Ace of Spades champagne as she hashtagged Beyonce and Reese Witherspoon in her photo.

Source: Jennifer Aniston/Instagram

Reese Witherspoon shared the same photo and included the hashtag #AceofSpade. Talk about free advertising!

Beyonce and Jay-Z were very generous with their champagne and were spotted at their table making toasts and clinking glasses with others.

It seemed everyone had a great time at the Golden Globes and any rumor that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon can't get along should be put to rest.

After all, it seems that Jennifer can get along with anyone — from her former Friends co-stars to ex-husbands Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux!

Source: Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

Were you surprised to learn that Beyonce and Jay-Z brought their own champagne to the 2020 Golden Globes?

What do you think about the rumors that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon can't get along?


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