Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux's Divorce Might Get Messy

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux's Divorce Might Get Messy
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If the divorce between Justin Theroux and his estranged wife, Jennifer Aniston, does not go smoothly, expect an in-depth penetrating exposé from the actor.

In mid-February, after two years of marriage and a seven-year romance, the power couple went their separate ways.

The pair released a statement saying that they have plans to remain close friends.

However, a pal of Theroux explained to Radar Online that if Aniston plays dirty and tries to give him a bad reputation, he will expose her secrets.

The person claimed: “This is not Justin’s style, but he needs options if Jen fights dirty. If he did an interview that delved into their failed marriage, he would have so much to say about his frustrations that otherwise won’t be aired.Jen has been a nightmare to live with."

One fan said to leave the former couple alone and added: "Everyone's so quick to judge. Did you Jen fans know he was in a 14-year relationship when she started dating him!! your precious Jen an was the other woman.Justin and Jennifer are Both Nice People so give them Some Space.There was NO Cheating from either Justin Theroux or Jennifer Aniston It's a Fact..Even the Shallow Hollywood Tabloids are saying that there was NO cheating, but I guess you're Lower than those Money Monger Tabloids. "

Another follower blamed the star for the split and went on to say: "Really?! People said he acted like a single man in NYC. Multiple sightings of him and other women in NYC (no, not just female friends) on various sites (first-hand accounts). He’s not even subtle about it. He’s a 46-year teenager who hangs out with models half his age. And who do you think is feeding the tabloids, huh (page six, us weekly)? Carlos has them on speed dial. THAT‘S a FACT."

A third commenter continued with this statement: "Justin needs to realize he isn't 20 anymore. Riding his motorcycle to Europe doesn't sound attractive to a Mature & down to earth woman. He needs to date a teenager to match his attitude. I hope Jen is doing ok. She deserves better than this guy."

It will be hard for this split to remain amicable.


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