Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Reconnect And Fans Are Hoping He Can Save Her Career After Latest Smartwater Spring 2017 Ads

Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Reconnect And Fans Are Hoping He Can Save Her Career After Latest Smartwater Spring 2017 Ads

Jennifer Aniston, 48, and Brad Pitt, 53, might be working on a few movies together because rumors are swirling around claiming that her acting career has taken a hit.

The unfounded claims were made after Aniston's Smartwater’s new Spring 2017 ads were released.

The four black-and-white ads are stunning, but many of her critics say they are at bit odd for someone of Mrs. Aniston's caliber to be wearing designer gowns as she promotes drinking water.

In one picture, the "Along Came Polly" star is holding a bottle as she goes for a run on a dirt road and a dog walks away. In another ad, she is seen in a beautiful gown on a red carpet with a bottle.

The third ad features Mrs. Justin Theroux on a photo shoot with the product in her hand. The last ad has Aniston pouring water to her guests during a dinner.

Some people are saying that Aniston is talented and should be given more serious roles. It was recently revealed that she is in touch with Pitt and she appreciates his work.

A source revealed: “Of course she congratulated him. As soon as ‘Moonlight’ was named Best Picture after all the commotion leading up to its announcement, Jennifer sent Brad a text congratulating him. She loved the film and knew Brad was the one behind it. They don’t talk often, but she wanted to give credit where credit is due and thought it was one of the year’s most important films.”

The spy shared she would love to do a project with Pitt.

The person added: "Jen would work with Brad on screen. It would have to be the perfect role and all the stars would have to align, but it’s definitely something that would benefit their careers. She has thought maybe it would be easier for them to start something as voices on a future animated film — not characters that would be romantic with each other. She would highly consider it, so much so that she thinks it’s more likely than a Friends reunion.”

The last movies Aniston did are "She's Funny That Way," "Mother's Day," "Office Christmas Party," and "The Yellow Birds," and while some are funny and did well at the box office - they were not critically acclaimed.

A few supporters are hoping that Pitt will find a way to save Aniston's career and get her an Oscar nomination.

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  • Lea Christine Harbour
    Lea Christine Harbour Apr 19, 2017 9:50 AM PDT

    I think Jennifer Aniston is awesome, funny, & America's girl! Refreshing! I'm an old person. She sets a good example for women!

  • cherrie mcclain
    cherrie mcclain Apr 18, 2017 4:31 AM PDT

    Look angie jolie or whatever you call her has never been a favorite of mine she needs to raise her kids and get a life BORING

  • JDee
    JDee Apr 18, 2017 3:04 AM PDT

    Aniston is overrated, talentless and vacuous. Brad wanted meaning and children in his life. It is ok for Brad to reconnect with a married woman but unacceptable for Angelina to connect with anyone at all.

    SYLVIA L HERO Apr 18, 2017 2:44 AM PDT

    I am so concerned for the children. Forget who the mother is. I am prone not to believe all I read about celebrities. But, in this case about the children. I believe their behavior explains it all. Here you have a dad really concerned for their welfare and unable to be a part of their lives. I could give you My personal opinion of her. But not In the same paragraph as my opinion of the children.

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