Jennifer Aniston Admits She Is 'Very Comfortable Where She Is' Amid Brad Pitt Rumors

Jennifer Aniston Admits She Is 'Very Comfortable Where She Is' Amid Brad Pitt Rumors
Credit: Source: Insider

Jennifer Aniston knows how to handle life after divorce. It has almost been a year since Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their split, and inside sources say she has become "very comfortable" with how things are going.

"She’s doing her thing exactly the way she wants to do it and really enjoying life," the source shared. "[Aniston] believes that whatever her path is, it will present itself the way it should."

The Friends alum was married to Theroux for almost three years before calling it quits last February. Aniston did not talk about the divorce until August, when she told reporters that she is not heartbroken over the split .

According to Us Weekly, Aniston also bashed the media for making "reckless assumptions" about the breakup. The actress then said that nobody knows what is really going on behind the scenes.

Aniston reportedly underwent weeks of therapy to get over the split and focused a lot on herself in the months after the divorce.

If the inside information is accurate, it sounds like the therapy worked and Aniston has completely gotten over her ex-husband.

The news comes amid speculation that Aniston is now dating Leonardo DiCaprio. The two allegedly attended a party together, though they have not officially confirmed their romance.

Sources claim that Aniston's ex-husband, Brad Pitt, introduced her to DiCaprio. Pitt and DiCaprio are longtime friends and worked together on the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood earlier this year.

Pitt reportedly hosted the party and was surprised when DiCaprio and Aniston arrived together. The actress was apparently hesitant to go public with the romance but agreed to attend the party after DiCaprio convinced her.

That said, other sources claim that Aniston and DiCaprio are not romantically involved in any capacity.

A rep of Aniston reportedly came forward and denied the romance rumors.

Instead, Aniston is enjoying being single again and is not looking to date anyone soon. Given her recent divorce, it definitely makes sense that Jennifer Aniston would take it slowly before she jumps back in the dating world.


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