Jennie Garth Says BH90210 May Be Canceled, But It's 'Not Dead' Yet

Jennie Garth Says BH90210 May Be Canceled, But It's 'Not Dead' Yet
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BH90210 was never a typical reboot of a classic show. And, just because Fox canceled the meta series after just one season, that doesn’t mean the show is going away.

Jennie Garth - who played Kelly Taylor for all ten seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210 - says she is very proud of the work she and her co-stars did on the first season of BH90210 , and she understands that Fox canceling the series is “very confusing.” However, Garth says that’s a good thing.

“The show is very meta, so it’s good. The confusion is fine. Everybody’s like, ‘What is happening!?’ We don’t even know. Nobody knows, but we are working it out,” Garth told Us Weekly at the launch of the art and music experience Austin Elevates .

Garth explained that the reboot was a very unique and creative vision that was very specific, and it was difficult to convey that to everyone and get them on board. She says that it was hard to convince the studio, the network, the cast, and the producers, and the fact that they pulled it off and had fans “get it” is impressive.

Even though some fans may have wanted a traditional reboot of the old show, Garth says that BH90210 is headed in a direction “of giving everybody the best of both worlds.”

When Fox first announced that they had canceled the show, Garth wrote on Twitter that BH90210 was the summer’s highest-rated show, it’s getting “more meta by the minute,” and the show practically writes itself. The What I Like About You alum added a message of thanks to Fox for giving them material for Season 2, and she told fans to “stay tuned” because they never really know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Tori Spelling echoed Garth’s sentiment on Instagram with a post that featured a pic of her wearing that infamous red dress, and she said she didn’t cram herself into the dress she wore when she was 18 (with the help of three pairs of Spanx) for nothing.

Spelling added that sometimes home isn’t where you are, but who you’re with. And, she said that her BH90210 family could do anything and they’ve proved it. Spelling noted their show was so meta that all Fox’s cancelation did was help them evolve and give them great new storylines.

Both Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling have told fans to stay tuned because the BH90210 journey is still unfolding.


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