Jennie Garth Dishes Worst Fight With Shannen Doherty On Beverly Hills 90210 Set

Jennie Garth Dishes Worst Fight With Shannen Doherty On Beverly Hills 90210 Set
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Jennie Garth is dishing about the worst fight she and Shannen Doherty had on the set of Beverly Hills 90210 .

It is no secret the two ladies have turbulent past. Their dislike of each other was heavily documented during the FOX show's original run. Garth got real regarding one of their biggest blowouts while promoting BH90210 .

"I can only remember one incident, and we took it outside," the actress said when asked about the beef between her and Doherty on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen .

The host questioned if the argument turned physical, which it did prompting Garth to share more information. She reminded audience members before telling the story that she and Doherty were like 18 or 19 at the time of the throwdown.

"Yeah, I'm a Midwestern girl, and I spent some time in Glendale, Arizona, so, that makes you tough. The guys held us back we never actually did anything," Garth explained.

It was merely a lot of yelling and screaming with the intent of things being scrappy.

What could have caused the two costars to get so angry? Spelling chimed in that it all began with Doherty lifting up Garth's skirt for no apparent reason other than humility.

"I'm pretty sure I got in her face. We're just both very strong Aries women who don't back down no matter what. We were locked in this sound stage for 14-16 hours every day. There were times when we loved each other, and there were times when we wanted to claw each other's eyes out," the blonde beauty shared.

After Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer, she and Garth managed to repair their fractured friendship. The sudden passing of their friend Luke Perry last spring brought the Beverly Hills 90210 cast, especially Garth and Doherty, closer together.

There are still constant reports the ladies fight on set, but Garth insists there is nothing but love between all the women on the new FOX show. The previous drama did make for an excellent storyline in the reboot. Viewers saw Doherty was distant from the cast in the BH90210 premiere. It all stemmed from past experience.

Jennie Garth has dished on what she called her worst fight with frenemy Shannen Doherty. No matter how much time has gone by, fans can't get enough of the past drama between the two costars.


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