Jenna Dewan Shows Off Growing Baby Bump As Six-Year-Old Everly Prepares For A Crying Baby

Jenna Dewan Shows Off Growing Baby Bump As Six-Year-Old Everly Prepares For A Crying Baby
Credit: Source: Jenna Dewan/Instagram

Jenna Dewan hasn't announced her official due date but judging by the size of her baby bump she may be entering her third trimester soon. Expecting her second child with Steve Kazee, Jenna's excitement over the birth of her baby is evident. Steve is head-over-heels in love with Jenna and the baby and has designated his official Instagram account a Jenne Dewan fan page. If you look at his account, you'll quickly see why. Steve's page is inundated with photos of Jenna and her growing baby bump and the family couldn't be more excited about welcoming their newest member.

Jenna has been busy working and she's had television series and films come out since announcing her pregnancy. She's continuing to work and there's no doubt that Jenna is one busy mama. She also shares six-year-old daughter Everly with Channing Tatum. Fans have worried about Channing's and Jenna's post-divorce parenting plan and have expressed concern that she may be facing unnecessary stress that could hurt her and the baby.

A busy schedule can create unnecessary stress but Jenna looks flawless, glowing and well-rested in all her photos. Her fans have been leaving encouraging messages on her social media posts and are sharing their love and support for the 39-year-old actress and producer.

You may see a series of photos that Jenna Dewan shared with her fans from the show she hosts Flirty Dancing in the photo slideshow below. You may see Jenna's baby bump is on full display.

Jenna shared another photo slideshow and included a video of herself dancing and rubbing her baby bump. Her fans love the candidness that she has shared throughout her pregnancy and like Ashley Graham, they have the most-watched baby bumps of 2020.

Neither Jenna Dewan or Ashley Graham have announced when they are due but it is believed that Ashley Graham is ready to give birth to a boy sometime in January and that Jenna will give birth to her second daughter sometime in spring 2020.

Jenna's daughter Everly has been anticipating the birth of her baby sister and told her mother that she is preparing for all of the crying , according to a report by Ashley Mitchell.

What do you think about Jenna Dewan's growing baby bump? Are you looking forward to when she gives birth?


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