Jenna Dewan Criticizes Beyonce's Model Walk - Will The Bey-Hive Come For Her?

Jenna Dewan Criticizes Beyonce's Model Walk - Will The Bey-Hive Come For Her?
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According to a report from, Jenna Dewan recently announced that she's not overly fond of Beyonce Knowles' strut. Fans of the pop star know that her notorious walk has been a characteristic part of her persona since her solo career first began, even becoming her signature move.

Consequently, no one would dare criticize the performers' walk, with the exception of Jenna Dewan, however. During her appearence on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen , Dewan, who witnessed her walk during an episode of Lip Sync Battle , stated Beyonce's walk was one of her biggest pet peeves.

Jenna, during her time on the show, got up and started strutting in a way that was poking fun at performers who tend to "bounce" on the backs of their feet while strutting. Currently, Jenna is expecting a child with her boyfriend, Steve Kazee.

Dewan said to the host of the show, Andy Cohen, that it was Beyonce's walk that she found the most annoying. With hesitation in her face, the star explained, "y'all are gonna kill me. But, back in the day, Beyonce did that."

Shots fired. The last time we heard from Jenna Dewan in the news was following her much-publicized split with the actor, Channing Tatum, after they had one child together, named Everly. Following her breakup with the actor, she went on to start dating Steve Kazee.

Earlier today, Us Magazine reported that she actually "cried her eyes out" when she first met Steve. According to the model/actress, Steve was performing during a Broadway production, Once, around seven years ago and when she saw the performance, she was "blown away" by his talent.

Jenna explained she had taken her mom with her, and when she got to meet him, she told him he was "amazing." The encounter she had with him stuck in her mind for years, and she later started dating him. "The universe works in very mysterious and wonderful ways," the model remarked.

These days, her ex-husband, Channing Tatum, has been dating the pop-star, Jessie Jay. Reports from multiple outlets previously stated Jenna felt "blindsided" by news of their romance.

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