Jenna Dewan Admits That She And Ex-Husband Channing Tatum Are Still ‘Figuring Out’ Co-Parenting!

Jenna Dewan Admits That She And Ex-Husband Channing Tatum Are Still ‘Figuring Out’ Co-Parenting!
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It’s been a year and a half since they put an end to their nine years-long marriage and it turns out that Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum may need some more time to figure out how to properly co-parent! That being said, she is really grateful for her current boyfriend, Steve Kazee for being so helpful with the whole process as well!

As fans know, she is currently expecting a baby with Kazee and she is super in love with him but at the same time, she shares parenting duties with her ex, actor Channing Tatum.

While at a Q&A with The Moms and Hatchimals at Mr. Purple where she’s been promoting her new book for wellness titled Gracefully You, the actress and dancer chatted with HollywoodLife.

Jenna told the news outlet that she was really excited to meet her new baby but also confessed that co-parenting her six-year-old daughter Everly with her ex has been pretty challenging.

‘We’re figuring it out. I am really lucky too that I have an incredible partner in Steve, who is like absolutely amazing with me and we do that well with Evy. To have a partner to be there with you and to help you through all this, it has been amazing. But, it is a journey,’ Jenna shared.

As for what she’s learned about herself while working on the book, Dewan revealed that ‘the values which are important for me to focus on, which is family, connection, expression of yourself and self-love. Really focusing on all that in my life and trusting the elements will all come together to help me create that life. It was a lesson in trust and just understanding how strong you are and knowing things can come together more beautifully even than you would have ever imagined even through the tough times. It was a tough, but magical few years.’

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