Jenna Dewan Admits She Is 'Very Happy' With Steve Kazee After Making Romance Public!

Jenna Dewan Admits She Is 'Very Happy' With Steve Kazee After Making Romance Public!

The actress was in attendance at the Baby2Baby Gala last night, and while there, she talked to ET. One topic of discussion during the interview was her new relationship with Steve Kazee!

Jenna Dewan remained pretty private about her man but still made it very clear that she is ‘very happy.’

Her romance with the Tony-award winning actor comes only a few months after her divorce from Channing Tatum.

One insider previously told ET that ‘Channing and Jenna planned to be together forever, so dating other people's a huge step for both of them. Even announcing the split was difficult because their fan base really loved them as a couple.’

‘They are both trying their very best to give each other space they both need to move forward in life. They want their relationship to remain healthy for their daughter Everly. They both plan to make her their priority.’

Dewan attended the event alongside two fellow A-listers and very good friends – Jessica Alba and Olivia Munn!

The three women looked stunning on the red carpet, and Munn dissed about their process of getting ready!

‘It was fun. Jess hit me up and asked, 'Do you want to come to Baby2Baby and get ready together?' And obviously, she is one of my dearest friends, and it was just so much fun. We all got together, we had champagne and just got dressed up. ‘

‘Usually, we get ready by ourselves with our team, and you kind of go off, but it felt like just... I don’t know, it is kind of like what you always like to do. You know you would like everyone to get together and hang out, and we are all in her closet, and everybody has their little stations, and it was really fun.’

Do you think Jenna's new love is going to last?


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