Jenna Cooper From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Welcomes Her Baby!

Jenna Cooper From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Welcomes Her Baby!
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The Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper is starting a new chapter in her life as a mother! The reality TV celeb has given birth to her child with Karl Hudson IV and it’s a baby girl!

Earlier today, she and Karl chatted with Us Weekly, confirming via the news outlet that they’d indeed welcomed their daughter together.

That being said, at this point in time, Jenna is yet to share the great news on her social media platforms.

‘We can't even describe the overwhelming love and happiness we feel meeting our little sunshine. We are so very thankful for everyone's support, and cannot wait to share more fun updates,’ the happy new parents shared with the publication.

As fans know, Jenna was actually pregnant past her due date but still made sure to document everything about the process starting with the announcement she was expecting, made back in January.

‘Dear Baby. I hope you know I already love you more than I could've imagined possible. I hope that you chase all of your dreams, and I will be there supporting you the whole way,’ the Bachelor in Paradise star shared at the time.

Jenna and Karl kept their romance under wraps for a whole year before she finally opened up about him and their special relationship in a post on her platform of choice.

She gushed over the man, making sure to explain why she felt like she’d finally found her soulmate: ‘We have traveled the world together, and up until now he has always been the man behind the camera. But here you have it..this is the guy inspiring all my big smiles and dreams. The one who didn't care what show I was on, what drama was made up about me, or how many broken pieces of my heart he had to glue back together.’


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