Jenna Bush Hager Makes Debut As ‘Today’ Host Has Emotional First Day Filling Kathie Lee Gifford Shoes

Jenna Bush Hager Makes Debut As ‘Today’ Host Has Emotional First Day Filling Kathie Lee Gifford Shoes
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Jenna Bush Hager has officially made her debut as Today show host. She had an emotional first day filling Kathie Lee Gifford's shoes . It was filled with love and support from her parents, as well as co-host Hoda Kotb.

On Monday, Today With Hoda & Jenna made its premiere as the new fourth hour of the NBC morning show. As fans are well aware, Gifford said to good-bye to the show last Friday, after 11-years. Today went to great lengths to not only make the transition smooth for daily viewers but Hager as well.

Hager and Kotb, kicked off the new hour hanging out in their dressing rooms, where the latter asked if she was supposed to be the calming force for her new co-host. The ladies then made their way to set, via a hallway lined with nothing but pictures of the two of them. Once they were comfortably in their seats, fans learned the ladies would have a new catchphrase, "Let's go, y'all!"

The former first daughter was treated to an emotional video from her parents, former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush. Both mom and dad are extremely proud of their daughter and were thrilled to have the opportunity to let her know. Hager's twin, Barbara also delivered an emotional but supportive message to her sister.

Before watching the videos, which brought her to tears, Hager shared with Kotb that the night before she was so hyper preparing for her first day. While getting ready for bed, the 37-year-old discovered the revised Instagram page for the fourth hour of the Today show. It featured the new host and that made Hager "really hyper."

"And then Henry said he was about to tranquilize me and then I fell asleep," she informed her cohost.

Jenna Bush Hager was joined by her loving husband, Henry and two daughters, Poppy and Margaret. Her little family brought a bouquet of roses to celebrate her new job as co-host.

Along with Hoda Kotb, Hager will put her spin on the long-running and famous hour of NBC's morning show. One thing is for sure, the mother of two has no intention of trying to emulate Kathie Lee Gifford, she knows she has big shoes to fill and is thrilled to add her own personality to the show.


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