Jenelle Evans Vows To Get Her Kids Back As Mom Barbara Posts Pictures Of Ensley On Instagram

Jenelle Evans Vows To Get Her Kids Back As Mom Barbara Posts Pictures Of Ensley On Instagram
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Disgraced Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans has vowed to get her kids back, as her mom Barbara shares happy pictures of little Ensley on Instagram.

The battle to get her children back is heating up for Evans. She and her hot-headed husband, David Eason have spent the better part of two weeks fighting for all of their children.

Evans son Jace already lives with her mom Barbara, but Ensley and her son Kaiser have been removed from the unstable home impending further investigation into the couple. Eason's daughter, Maryssa, was also taken out of the house and he is fighting to get her back as well.


As the scandalous parents fight even to be able to see their children, Evans' mom Barbara is throwing salt into the wound by sharing fun pictures of Evans kids on social media. The happy grandmother showcased family photos featuring Ensley and Jace at the beach having the time of their lives.

There is no love lost between Evans and her mom. They have long battled over Jace, with Bambara retaining custody and at times making it difficult for Evans to see the little boy. Most recently, the reality TV star shared her mother was punishing her for getting fired from Teen Mom 2 by refusing to let her see her 9-year-old son.

"My mom is keeping Jace from me, nobody else," Evans revealed to US Weekly .

Although things look dire for Evans in terms of custody of all three of her children, she is not giving up on them or her husband. When the scandal involving Eason killing her dog Nugget first broke, the 27-year-old contemplated leaving her bad-tempered husband. However, the two are now presenting a united front in family court, which could be hurting her case.

Jenelle Evans will never stop fighting to get Ensley and Kaiser back in her custody. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how hard she fights if the courts feel her home environment with an unhinged Davis Eason is not safe, the kids will remain elsewhere. Authorities have made it clear they believe Eason is an extremely dangerous man . The odds of Child Protective Services returning any of the children to their care as long as he deemed so volatile.

Her kids or her husband, which one do you think Evans will choose when or if it comes to that point?


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