Jenelle Evans Unfollows David Eason On Social Media After He Sets Fire To Their Yard!

Jenelle Evans Unfollows David Eason On Social Media After He Sets Fire To Their Yard!
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Is there trouble in paradise? According to new reports, Jenelle Evans unfollowed her own husband, David Eason on social media, but it is not why you may think!

It looks like it took the man setting fire to their land with a blowtorch for the Teen Mom star to stop supporting her controversial husband, David Eason!

As you may know, before this, Jenelle would always stand by him no matter what scandalous thing he did or said.

But has the woman already forgiven him?

Radar Online was the first to report, earlier today, that Jenelle was no longer following David on his online platforms.

That being said, it seems like what pushed the reality TV star to do this was David posting a video on Instagram that showed him setting fire to his and his wife’s yard!

Of course, this is only the outlet’s assumption as the correlation hasn’t been confirmed at this time.

Furthermore, it looks like Jenelle was not upset at David for long as she’s followed him back since the Radar Online article came out.

In fact, it was like nothing had even happened when the man posted a pic of Jenelle kissing their cute one-year-old daughter, Ensley.

The Teen Mom celeb was obviously happy about the shout-out as she commented a long string of ‘haha’s’ and an ‘I’M DYING!’ under the photo.

Before her temporary snubbing of her husband, Jenelle made it very clear that ‘I’ll stand by my husband no matter WHAT HAPPENS’ - even amid a domestic abuse scandal pretty hard to deny!

That being said, despite there being a clear audio recording of Jenelle’s 911 call after being assaulted by David, she still managed to claim he was never violent towards her.


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