Jenelle Evans Thinks It's 'Unfair' She Was Fired From Teen Mom But Amber Portwood Wasn't - Here's Why!

Jenelle Evans Thinks It's 'Unfair' She Was Fired From Teen Mom But Amber Portwood Wasn't - Here's Why!
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During a new interview, Jenelle Evans argued that it was not fair at all that she was fired from Teen Mom but her former co-star Amber Portwood was not. As you may know, MTV decided to let Jenelle go after multiple scandals involving her husband David Eason.

But did Amber deserve the same treatment? Jenelle definitely thinks so!

While chatting with HollywoodLife, Jenelle confessed that her firing from Teen Mom made her feel like she was ‘chewed up and spit out’ by the network.

Clapping back during the exclusive interview, Jenelle stated that: ‘I have spoken with my old producers many times about this. They still claim I was not fired’ but ‘let go for a season.’ As for the Amber situation they said ‘well Amber didn’t leave a paper trail for what she did,’ whatever that means. I am guessing they are still holding me responsible for my husband’s actions, even though I did not do anything wrong.’

Fans know that David was involved in multiple scandals that ultimately caused his own firing before Jenelle’s.

However, the last straw for MTV seemed to be when the controversial man shot and killed the family pup even while the kids were in the house, traumatizing and putting them in physical danger as well.

Because of this very violent incident, the couple had their kids taken by child protective services and it took them months of legal drama to finally get them back.

At the same time, Teen Mom producers decided that it was time for Jenelle to also be fired.

Now, Jenelle compared her scandal with Amber's, who was arrested for domestic violence and argued that ‘David wasn’t ever charged with any sort of crime, but Amber was and left a paper trail through Ring Cameras in her house that were released online. Amber showed her sword to the public online and bragged that it says ‘Mother Goddess’ after the incident with Andrew occurred.’


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