Jenelle Evans Suggests She Might Come Back To Teen Mom After Being Fired

Jenelle Evans Suggests She Might Come Back To Teen Mom After Being Fired
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It sounds like Jenelle Evans may just have a comeback as far as her reality TV career is concerned following her firing from Teen Mom! As fans remember, she was let go after the whole scandal with her husband David Eason killing her dog but Jenelle tells HollywoodLife that she still keeps in touch with MTV.

Previously, a rep for Jenelle, told the same outlet that she had not been fired but rather only removed from the ninth season!

What that means is that she could very well return to the series that made her famous in a future season!

During a new interview for HollywoodLife, Evans opened up about her future on the show since the ninth season just started without her!

‘My mom [Barbara] actually asked MTV what’s going on. She’s like a talent mom. She tries to text my producer every day like, ‘Hey, what’s going on? What’s going on?'’ she started.

Jenelle then explained that, seeing the new trailer for Teen Mom season 9, Barbara Evans contacted the producer again to ask about her daughter’s involvement in the series.

Apparently, ‘They said, ‘We’re not using Jenelle just for this season.’’

Instead, Jenelle was replaced by Jade Cline, a 22-year-old beauty school graduate that was previously part of the Young and Pregnant cast last year.

Jenelle’s mother supposedly told her that ‘I contacted our old producer and asked, and he said you guys just have an open contract right now, and that no doors have been closed. I just know that I’m trying to remain low key, stay humble. The kids are back in school, and we literally have a busy schedule every single day, bringing them to and from school.’

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