Jenelle Evans Slams Fans For Mocking David Eason's ‘Black Eye’ And Saying He Must've 'Caught Hands'

Jenelle Evans Slams Fans For Mocking David Eason's ‘Black Eye’ And Saying He Must've 'Caught Hands'
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Jenelle Evans could not help but defend her husband this time around either! After all that happened in their family because of him, the former Teen Mom star continues to stand by David Eason.

It all started with fans noticing that the man has some discoloration under one of his eyes in a new post on Instagram.

Seeing this, they began wondering why he had the bruise-looking mark – did he get into a fight with someone?

Seeing this, Jenelle became enraged and called people out for being insensitive since it’s supposedly a medical thing.

‘Why does David have a black eye? Lmao,’ one fan tweeted.

In response, Jenelle wrote: ‘It’s not funny. It’s called vitiligo 🙄He has dark patches of his pigment that gets tan in the summer.’

Her clap back was actually deleted pretty quickly after.

However, she also replied to another fan that suggested he must have ‘caught them hands.’

But while she denied it, another mocked her argument, saying: ‘Because he has vitiligo?! Righhhht.’

Later on, addressing her Twitter followers all at once, Jenelle asked them to ‘#JustStop’ since ‘Making fun of someone with vitiligo is not cool.’

Wondering what David’s supposed medical condition means?

According to The American Academy of Dermatology, it’s a disease that ‘causes the skin to lose its natural color,’ creating patches of ‘lighter skin.’

Other celebrities who are known to have or have had this to a greater extent are model Winnie Harlow, as well as Michael Jackson.

The Academy also assures people that it does not affect the person in any way, being only a cosmetic condition since the ‘body attacks its own melanocytes’ leading to the skin getting lighter on certain parts of the body and face.

Users on the platform did not believe that was not a bruise however,

Someone argued: ‘That’s a bruise. vitiligo u could see on his hands till he got all those tats. You could see them when he was OUTSIDE ‘working’ in the SUN, which he claims holds him from getting a job bc he can’t be in the sun…..fishy fishy.’

Another user also quoted KidsHealth, that ‘vitiligo spots can’t tan’ since it means a lack of melanin.


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