Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her Curves In Bathing Suit As A Response To Her Body-Shamers - See The Clip!

Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her Curves In Bathing Suit As A Response To Her Body-Shamers - See The Clip!
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Jenelle Evans took to social media to show off her bikini body after unfortunately, some people thought it was Okay to body shame her. The Teen Mom was quick to respond to the criticism and she did it in the best way!

Jenelle posted a video on her TikTok account in which she was rapping along to Doin Too Much while feeling herself in a bathing suit.

Previously, the hate comments were noticeable and Jenelle felt like she had to clap back, making it very clear that she was having none of it!

The clip shows the celeb in a brown and black swimming suit just enjoying a sunny day by the pool.

The top highlighted her lines perfectly while her high waisted bottom accentuated her hips and midsection.

She also accessorized with sunglasses which only made her look cooler while rapping along to  Kash Doll‘s Doin Too Much.

In the caption, the Teen Mom star wanted to make it very clear that she was clapping back at her body shamers.

In addition to that, she also used this opportunity to remind people social distancing is really important via one of her hashtags.

‘When people talk about my weight, I will just keep on dancing 💃🏻💓 #LoveYourself #StayHome,’ the caption read.

It didn't take long before fans started showering her with love in the comment section.

Here are a couple of the reactions she got: ‘Girl you healthy.’ / ‘you look good.’

A few weeks before, Jenelle also shared a clip with her 10 year old son, Jace, and that post got her some hate, one person even saying that she was ‘getting chunky.’

Obviously, Jenelle saw the body shaming and she made sure to respond in her own way, showing off her confidence.

The Teen Mom star is currently in quarantine with her husband, David Eason and the kids after she decided to get back together with him.

This choice was pretty controversial among her fans but, as always, Jenelle does whatever she wants regardless of what people may think.

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  • Don
    Don Apr 9, 2020 3:40 PM PDT

    I still cannot believe MTV and America made a star out of her and many others. This is the type of behavior we should be discouraging in young women. However, the show Teen Mom has done nothing but influence hundreds (if not thousands) of young girls to have children as unwed teens in the hopes of gaining fame (or infamy if you will) through this show. We are truly living in an idiocracy.

  • Zack Webster
    Zack Webster Apr 8, 2020 11:05 PM PDT

    Shes sexy. Too bad shes problematic like every other chick on this show.

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