Jenelle Evans Says MTV Producers Wanted Her Back On Teen Mom And Would Fire Jade Cline!

Jenelle Evans Says MTV Producers Wanted Her Back On Teen Mom And Would Fire Jade Cline!
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During a new podcast, Jenelle Evans claimed that the Teen Mom producers wanted her back on the show! Not only that but she also claimed they wished to fire Jade Cline and hire Jenelle again, instead of her!

According to the former MTV star, the production team wanted to get some ‘footage’ of Jenelle’s personal family life in Tennessee for the show despite her no longer being part of it following some pretty explosive scandals.

As you may know, Jade was the star initially brought to replace Jenelle which would mean that they would have to get rid of her to have Jenelle back, right?

Well, that is exactly what she was suggesting.

Evans stated that she was really close to returning to the show that made her famous which means getting the boot, for Jade Cline.

This is what she dished on an episode of iClick TV’s Dirty Reality podcast.

‘\While living in Tennessee, I was in talk with my producers and they were asking me to send them footage of my daily routine with the kids and what I was doing. And they were thinking about kicking Jade off the show,’ she dished.

She then went on to reveal why nothing of the sort happened, saying that ‘Ultimately they didn’t because I had to move back to North Carolina.’

Basically, according to Jenelle, the reason why she was not brought back and Jade was not fired was her moving back in with her estranged husband!

Speaking of, she also mentioned that in Tennessee, she could not afford mortgage and rent.

Eventually, she went back to North Carolina after getting back together with her controversial husband, David Eason.

The two share a farmhouse there as well as a lot of land.

This announcement upset and shocked many fans who were finally breathing a sigh of relief over their separation.

After all, when she left him, she got a restraining order and stressed she was scared for her life and her kids’ safety!


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