Jenelle Evans Reveals Terrible Esophagus Disease And Says Husband David Eason Has Been ‘Supportive’

Jenelle Evans Reveals Terrible Esophagus Disease And Says Husband David Eason Has Been ‘Supportive’
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During a brand new interview for HollywoodLife, Jenelle Evans revealed for the first time that, for years, she has been struggling with a horrible esophagus condition that apparently causes her to have spasms. Furthermore, she used this opportunity to praise her husband, David Eason, by saying that he has been her rock while dealing with the disease.

Jenelle shared with the news outlet that ‘I’ve been dealing with esophageal spasms for years. Every time I would fly in a plane, even today, spasms happen in my chest. Food or liquid will not pass through. Then, I throw up an hour into the flight and keep going until I land, which is a four-hour flight, usually from North Carolina to Los Angeles.’

That is particularly bad since she and David live on a farm in North Carolina which means that flying to L.A. for all kinds of work commitments happened pretty often.

According to her, she’s had ‘two endoscopies, two esophagus dilations,’ and many more test to determine the cause of her chest spasms.

Finally, she got in contact with a doctor at Duke University who suggested she should undergo a barium swallow test.

What this consists of, is simply drinking a solution of barium that would coat the esophagus and have it show better on an X-Ray!

‘My results came back from the barium swallow, and I have poor esophagus motility,’ the former Teen Mom star explained.

This means that the muscular tube connecting the esophagus and stomach doesn’t work too well for her, making the proper passing of food and liquids quite difficult.

Jenelle went on to explain the next medical steps that she needs to take before finally saying that ‘David has been supportive of me and understands how severe this problem gets. MTV has also witnessed it first hand a few times.’

This comes after reports claiming the two are stronger than ever despite their tumultuous last couple of months.


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