Jenelle Evans Reveals If She's Planning To Have More Kids With David Eason

Jenelle Evans Reveals If She's Planning To Have More Kids With David Eason
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As it turns out, Jenelle Evans is done having babies. After fighting to get her kids back home and into her custody for months, the former Teen Mom star is not thinking of expanding her family.

She almost lost her young ones but now, it sounds like Jenelle is very happy to have them with her again and is not even considering offering them a sibling or two.

As you know, David Eason, her husband, shot Jenelle’s pet dog, a French bulldog named Nugget.

That led to their children being taken away by Child Protective Services since the man put them in physical and psychological danger.

And that was not all! The same incident also caused Jenelle to be fired from the reality TV show.

All throughout this however, she and David remained a united front, even though all of her fans kept insisting she should divorce him.

So, since they are doing great, and things have calmed down a bit, some fans are wondering whether or not the married couple is thinking of adding to their bunch.

When a follower asked the reality TV star about plans to have more kids, she took to IG Stories to reply with: ‘Nope, we are good with what we have. Lol.’

Kids may be out of the question but Jenelle and David did add two new pups to their household, only a couple of months after the man shot Nugget.

Anatolian Shepherds Buddy and Junior were introduced to the world in a YouTube video last month and made some social media users pretty upset that they were allowed to get more dogs, all things considered.

Hopefully, the adorable animals will stay safe.


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