Jenelle Evans Quits Twitter Because 'Everyone Hates' Her -- Gets Support From Some Fans And Slammed By Others

Jenelle Evans Quits Twitter Because 'Everyone Hates' Her -- Gets Support From Some Fans And Slammed By Others
Credit: Source: Jenelle Evans Instagram

Jenelle Evans is done with Twitter. She logged on to the app to deliver a message to the fans she has left.

The Teen Mom personality wasn't necessarily a fan favorite when her reputation took an even bigger hit after her husband killed her dog. David Eason's defense was that the pup nipped at his daughter which is why he didn't hesitate to put it down.

The only problem is that Jenelle and David have allegedly had the police called to their household multiple times for different domestic violence incidences. The death of the family dog set off a chain of events that included her getting her children removed from the household, fighting in court with her mother, and warding off criticism from people on social media.

On Saturday, Evans tweeted: 'Bye Twitter, everyone hates me. Depression sucks and you’ve got what you wanted. Hope you’re happy. Just keep writing about me, but I’m out.'

The message automatically received a response from followers -- both positive and negative.

One fan tweeted: 'Idk if anyone hates you, but I know they hate what you’re doing to yourself and your children.'

Another reassured her: ' Noooooooooo everyone doesn’t hate you :('

One commentator accused her of sharing it for clickbait: ' Does this count the post you make money off of clickbait. Cause I bet it doesn’t. bet we’ll see more clickbait on your Twitter tomorrow. And I know, “I don’t post those” you’ve said it 100 times. But you make money off of them, and could chose to stop them. But you won’t.'

This response brought David into the conversation: 'We hate David. We pity the fool who stays with him. We are the reason for your depression?Not him??'

A fan defended the MTV star when she wrote: 'Some of you on this thread are so mean and cruel. I bet if I took the time to go through your tweets I would find you tweeting something about raising awareness about depression or mental illness yet here you are making unnecessary mean comment to this girl.'

Hopefully, Jenelle is able to get the help that she needs and the break from social media will do her some good.


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