Jenelle Evans Posts Pic Of Her Cuddling Up To David Eason Amid Domestic Abuse Scandal

Jenelle Evans Posts Pic Of Her Cuddling Up To David Eason Amid Domestic Abuse Scandal
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No matter what new trouble Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason gets himself into, the Teen Mom star still stands by him. This time around, she made it a point to prove her loyalty and love for the controversial man by sharing a snap of the two of them cozying up together.

Jenelle took to her Instagram page to post a pic that showed her and David on a hike earlier today.

In the pic, the married couple got pretty close.

‘’The best view comes after the hardest climb’. #HikingAdventures ??,’ the reality TV star captioned the picture in which she is smiling and hugging David while he is also grinning at the camera.

It would definitely be a very sweet pic if not for the domestic abuse scandal the man was involved in that still looms over their marriage.

Maybe that is what the woman was talking about in the caption!

As fans know, an audio recording of Jenelle’s desperate 911 call made its way to the masses.

During her conversation with an emergency dispatcher, the Teen Mom star can be heard sobbing and claiming her husband had assaulted her, breaking her collarbone!

Despite the undeniable proof, Jenelle Evans has been denying the abuse and claiming that she’d never stay with someone abusive since she's been in such relationships before!

And that was not the only drama the man caused lately.

David Eason also made headlines after bullying some MTV producers during the filming of a soccer game that included Jenelle’s firstborn, Jace, 9.

He pulled up to the field mid shooting and live streamed him and Jenelle sitting in the car and laughing at the crew.

As expected, later on, Jenelle defended him once again, saying everyone knew he’d be there and actually wanted to see him.


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