Jenelle Evans’ Mother Barbara Flees Town After Wedding Snub: ‘I’m Devastated!’

Jenelle Evans’ Mother Barbara Flees Town After Wedding Snub: ‘I’m Devastated!’

The reality TV star’s mother is blaming her son in law for the estrangement from daughter Jenelle Evans. As fans of Teen Mom are certainly aware, Evans tied the knot with David Eason on September 23.

In attendance at the ceremony were their closest friends and members of their families but Barbara Evans was nowhere to be found.

Now, the estranged mother told us that she left town after being snubbed from the guest list.

‘I am upset, I am devastated that I was not invited to the wedding. I’m out of town. Out of sight out of mind. I cannot be around. I have been crying. I would have loved to be there to see my grandchildren all dressed up and everything. It’s painful, very painful,’ the woman revealed.

Barbara also revealed that Jenelle’s firstborn Jace, who is now 8, was just as upset that he couldn’t see his mother get married.

In addition, she is sad for her daughter that while David had his family there, she had no one.

Now, the woman is blaming the son-in-law for the fact that she didn’t make the guest list.

According to her, David was the one who planned to alienate her from her daughter.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Teen Mom star almost did not go through with the wedding.

One day before the ceremony took place, Evans slammed the engagement ring on the table and called off the dinner rehearsal as well as the wedding.

Obviously, she changed her mind and seems happy with her decision to tie the knot with the man in the end.

Jenelle and Barbara Evans have been feuding for years and it’s all because the latter refused to give custody of Jace back to her daughter after she fixed her addiction problems as promised.

Are you shocked Barbara was not invited to the wedding?


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  • Jules
    Jules Sep 25, 2017 10:11 PM PDT

    Whys her mom so upset about missing the wedding? She doesn't even like David. Get over yourself Barbara. Also I thought Jace was at the wedding? Didn't he walk is mom down the isle?

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