Jenelle Evans' Mom Barbara Tries To Backtrack After Claiming She Wanted To Kill Teen Mom Co-Star Kailyn Lowry

Jenelle Evans' Mom Barbara Tries To Backtrack After Claiming She Wanted To Kill Teen Mom Co-Star Kailyn Lowry
Credit: Source: People

Kailyn Lowry does not take kindly to death threats. After Jenelle Evans’ mother, Barbara, threatened to end her life, the Teen Mom 2 star announced that she has stopped filming the new season until she knows everything is safe.

The drama ramped up during an Instagram live session, in which Barbara told Jenelle they should “get lit and kill Kail.” A shocked Jenelle immediately told her mom that she cannot say things like that on social media.

Barbara tried to cover her tracks by saying she was only joking about killing Lowry. But Lowry did not think it was a joking matter. Shortly after the live session ended, Lowry revealed that she has stopped filming Teen Mom .

“I’m disgusted it came from her,” Lowry shared. “I want no association with any person or network that works with that family.”

While Lowry delays production, her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, has not stopped filming. Marroquin revealed that he is aware of the situation but plans to move forward with filming as long as MTV is willing to proceed.

It is unclear if Barbara is serious about the death threat, but Lowry has good reason to be afraid. Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, has made headlines for his disturbing behavior over the past few months, and even Marroquin has refused to film any scenes with Jenelle.

As Marroquin explained, Eason always knows where Jenelle is going, which means he knows when and where to find MTV crews. With Eason recently threatening to shoot anyone that comes close to his property, there is no telling what he is capable of doing.

In fact, Eason recently caused a major stir after pulling a gun on an innocent real estate agent named Sandra Britt. The agent says she was looking for a property to sell near his home when he threatened her with the gun. She later filed an official police report in Columbus County.

Kailyn Lowry has not said when she will return to filming the new season of Teen Mom .


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  • D. Warren
    D. Warren Jan 27, 2019 1:56 PM PST

    Jenelle pulls a gun with Jace in the car. David threatens real estate agent with a gun. Amber goes after Farrah and threatens to beat up Jenelle. Brittany and Brianna goes after Kail and Chelsea and Cole dive in and get the kids who got stuck in the middle out of harms way. Poor little Kaiser in a physical tug of war between Nathan and Jenelle and is terrified and crying, holding out his little arms out for someone to take him away from all the craziness! Then we have Ryan driving down the interstate falling asleep because he was high with Mackenzie in the car on the way to their wedding. Mackenzie was stupid enough to get pregnant by him when even his mom was telling her they needed to wait and see if he could stay clean and sober for at least a year. He was in rehab when the baby was born and now he has relapsed and he’s back in prison for possession of heroin. Sorry Mackenzie, you can’t blame Maci for this one and claim you didn’t know he was using again! Here’s an idea. Shut the show down and make sure these kids are safe! They are real children and they are suffering real abuse all for a tv reality show! The reality is that one or more of these kids are going to be seriously injured or worse! These girls got famous for getting pregnant at 16. They are being paid ridiculous amounts of money that they don’t know how to handle. Look at the homes they live in and the vehicles they drive! How proud MTV must be of Farrah and what they created with her and the little girl that’s paying the price for it! When is enough going to be enough? What in the world is going to have to happen before someone puts a stop to this madness? Which child has to be sacrificed before the show is pulled? Shame on MTV for letting things get this bad and have done nothing about it!

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