Jenelle Evans Makes It Clear She'll ‘Stand By’ David Eason ‘No Matter' His Long List Of Despicable Actions!

Jenelle Evans Makes It Clear She'll ‘Stand By’ David Eason ‘No Matter' His Long List Of Despicable Actions!

It seems like no matter how many scandals her husband gets in and even following her alleged domestic abuse accusations against him, Jenelle Evans is determined to stand by her husband, David Eason! As fans of Teen Mom know, the star’s terrifying 911 call was leaked, and Jenelle was sobbing and telling an operator that she’d been assaulted by him.

But now, during an Instagram Story Q&A session with her fans, Evans clarified that she is still by David’s side!

‘It’s other people I’m worried about,’ Jenelle told a fan wondering if she and David are Okay.

Furthermore, when someone else asked what she thinks about him being a racist, Jenelle made it very clear that she still stands by him.

‘I’m so f**king sick of it honestly. It really saddens me, everyone’s family’s are filmed and not ours. You won’t hardly see the kids this season or my house at all. I’ll stand by my husband no matter WHAT HAPPENS,’ Jenelle wrote.

She must really love him considering how many explosive scandals David has been involved in, one if which even caused his Teen Mom firing!

You may remember that the man went on a homophobic Twitter rant and MTV had no choice but to ax him!

But the list of controversies goes on!

Eason boasted about being proud to be white and straight, praised the Confederate flag and posed with it, and even threatened Chelsea Houska’s father with gun violence!

Jenelle however, is still by his side despite the fact that her mother admitted during a Teen Mom episode about being scared he would ‘hurt her’ daughter!

One insider told HollywoodLife that ‘David has an explosive temper, which he’s shown on many occasions recently, and everyone’s worried for Jenelle’s safety if she becomes the target of his anger for some reason.’

And yet, Jenelle keeps defending David every chance she gets!


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