Jenelle Evans Hospitalized Teen Mom 2 Star Gets Her Tubes Tied

Jenelle Evans Hospitalized Teen Mom 2 Star Gets Her Tubes Tied
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Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been hospitalized. Never fear though, the reality TV star is going to be just fine, she had a simple but life-changing procedure done.

"She's healing properly and focusing on her business ventures. Her husband, David Eason, was by her side during the procedure. Evans had polyps on her uterus and cysts on her ovaries. Her left ovary was removed, while the right one was tied. The polyps were sent off to the lab for testing," her rep confirmed to US Weekly .

Her stint in the hospital was only one night, but that was enough for Evans. She shared an Instagram Story on Friday night of her all alone in her hospital room.

"My night. Hate being here ALONE," she captioned the story with a sad-faced emoji.

On Saturday, Eason posted a picture of the 27-year-old in a wheelchair, holding a surfboard outside of the hospital, as they were headed home.

"Got my babe a get well soon gift to encourage her to get back on her feet! It sucks you had to go through this but at least we got some answers, and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!" Eason captioned the picture.

Based on his social media posts, the 30-year-old Is completely devoted to taking care of his wife, while she recovers from surgery. Eason used Instagram Stories to share a video of him cooking up some pasta with cream sauce for his lady.

"For my babe! She don't feel good," he wrote along with the video.

Jenelle Evans was hospitalized the other day so she could get her tubes tied. The Teen Mom 2 star revealed to E! News what let to such a life-altering decision, at such a young age.

"I decided to do it because I had constant pain on my left side and I get extremely sick when pregnant. I'm also happy with the number of kids I have now," she explained,

Fans of Evans are aware she has her hands full with three children. She is a mom to 9-year-old son Jace, with her ex-Andrew Lewis, 4-year-old son Kaiser, with ex- Nathan Griffith, and 2-year-old daughter Ensley with Eason.

The surgery is the latest health crisis the reality Tv star has endured. In December she had a couple of biopsy procedures done. However, Evans has not further elaborated on why she needed them or the outcome.

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