Jenelle Evans Heartbreakingly Begs Daughter Ensley To ‘Come Home’ - Posts Cute Throwback Vids!

Jenelle Evans Heartbreakingly Begs Daughter Ensley To ‘Come Home’ - Posts Cute Throwback Vids!
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After celebrating David Eason’s birthday just the two of them, Jenelle Evans took to social media to post some videos featuring daughter Ensley, 2 and heartbreakingly begged her to ‘come home.’ As you know, Protective Child Services took their kids away after David fatally shot Jenelle’s dog while the chidlren were in the house.

It’s been weeks since they lost custody of the kids and Jenelle is still fighting hard to get them back.

The mother obviously misses her kids, especially her youngest, Ensley, 2.

In one clip that she posted, the toddler can be seen smiling brightly and giggling cutely.

The caption written by Jenelle reads: ‘She’s a mess but she’s .. amazing. Come home 💓😓 #MommasGirl.’

It’s definitely a very sad situation and her husband is the only one to blame.

And yet, Jenelle continues to stay by him and even defend him against any hate on social media.

This whole nightmare started last month when David brutally beat and bloodied Jenelle’s pet dog, Nugget before finally shooting him to death.

This aggressive outburst happened while Jenelle’s son Kaiser, 4, David’s daughter as well as their daughter together, Ensley, were in the house.

CPS considered he’d put them all in psychological and physical danger by using firearms in the house, and removed them.

Now, the kids are under the care of other family members while Jenelle and David are still fighting to get them back with no success.

The videos of Ensley were shared by her mom just hours before Us Weekly reports she and David appeared at Columbus County Court for another hearing regarding the kids’ custody.

At this point, it is unknown if they’ve made any progress but, a previous judge made it very clear that it is her fault just as much as David’s since she ‘failed to protect the children while they were in her care.’

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