Jenelle Evans Headed For Divorce Already? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star And David Eason Caught In Screaming Match

Jenelle Evans Headed For Divorce Already? ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star And David Eason Caught In Screaming Match
Source: Us Weekly

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans wed David Eason on Saturday, but not before calling off the wedding the night before . The weekend did not go as planned, but does that mean the newlyweds are already heading for a split?

Radar obtained a video taken the night before what they called “The Wedding from Hell,” and in it, the couple is screaming at each other over where to put the DJ booth. The couple continued to argue over the fact that Eason never discussed vendor set up with Evans.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have been in the should have been out here,” Eason said.

When Evans questioned what he meant by that, the groom lost it.

“Instead of saying the f***ing wedding is over you should have been out here doing something! I’m f***ing raking; I’m working. I’m working. I’m working!” screamed Eason.

Just hours before the shouting match, Evans reportedly said the wedding was off and slammed her engagement ring on the table in front of family and friends gathered for the rehearsal dinner. She was fed up with Eason over his continuous working on the couple’s property to prepare it for the outdoor ceremony.

She complained to friends that she begged him for hours to pay attention to her because she was upset about her “mom situation.”

Jenelle Evans did not invite her estranged mother due to their custody battle over the reality star’s oldest child Jace, 8. Barbara Evans currently has full custody of her grandson, and she said she was heartbroken to not be included in her daughter’s big day.

She blames her new son-in-law for alienating her daughter from the rest of the family. Besides her three children, Evans reportedly did not have any other family attend.

After everyone left the rehearsal dinner, Evans came back to vent and continue the argument with Eason. It was around this time that the fight escalated to the screaming match captured on video.

The two reconciled in time to say their “I do’s” the next afternoon.

Despite Eason’s scramble to get the property ready for the ceremony and the hiring a crew to help, not everything got done in time. Guests ended up parking on the road, and the entrance to their driveway had bags of trash laying everywhere

Hold on folks – Jenelle Evans’ marriage to David Eason is going to be a bumpy ride!


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