Jenelle Evans Hates That Her Kids Are So Happy Away From Her - Misses Them 'Terribly!'

Jenelle Evans Hates That Her Kids Are So Happy Away From Her - Misses Them 'Terribly!'
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After the shocking killing of her pet dog by husband David Eason, Jenelle Evans lost her kids and naturally, she misses them a lot. Furthermore, seeing that they are happy with their current caregivers is something she really hates, one insider report claims.

That’s not to say she is not ‘glad’ they are doing so well, but it still hurts!

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘It’s been an empty feeling for Jenelle to see how happy her kids are now that they are living with Barbara [Evans] and Nathan [Griffith].’

As fans know, not too long ago, Nathan’s current girlfriend posted some pics with son Kaiser and the boy was smiling brightly and having fun playing with his dad at the pool.

‘On one hand, Jenelle’s glad they seem like they’re doing well and not staying with strangers while she fights for custody, but she misses them terribly and feels unsettled about them not being home with her. It feels like an empty home without her kids,’ the insider went on to say.

And the fact that, apparently, Kaiser’s attitude has changed for the better since moving in with Nathan makes her even more anxious.

Katlyn McCormick, the man’s friend, shared with the site that ‘I FaceTime with Kaiser often and he is in such a good place. His demeanor as a little boy's changed so much since moving with Nathan. Kaiser's so happy and even told me he is not scared anymore. [Nathan has] really been able to take Kaiser out of his shell and change everything that he went through.’

Meanwhile, Jace and Ensley live with Jenelle’s estranged mother, Barbara and don’t seem to be missing living with their mom much either.

The grandmother shared a pic of the siblings at an aquarium just a couple of days ago and they looked super happy.


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