Jenelle Evans Gets Candid About Struggling With Anxiety Amid Her David Eason Divorce

Jenelle Evans Gets Candid About Struggling With Anxiety Amid Her David Eason Divorce
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The former Teen Mom star got candid about her struggle with anxiety in the aftermath of her divorce from David Eason. Jenelle Evans admitted that the whole separation has left her feeling exhausted and stressed.

The mother of three took to her IG stories to share her thoughts with her many followers, updating them on how she’s been doing.

As it turns out, the changes in her life have really been weighing heavily on her shoulders.

‘I was soooo tired … until anxiety hit me,’ she wrote alongside a laughing until crying emoji and a shrugging one.

It makes sense that she feels overwhelmed mentally and physically.

After all, this past year has been quite the whirlwind that could have only led to a divorce.

As you remember, last spring, David shot and killed Jenelle’s dog, putting their kids who were in the house in danger and through psychological trauma.

After a police investigating, David faced no charges but the cruel incident led to them losing their young ones to Child Protective Services for a while.

Only after several court appearances were they allowed to take them back home.

In the meantime, Jenelle finally decided to split from David, admitting that she was scared for her and the young ones’ lives.

Since then, she’s hinted at her mental state, not too long ago sharing a quote by My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way that reads: ‘Sometimes you have to kinda die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and to believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.’

Jenelle has been getting support from fans and while she’s supposedly focused on becoming a better her and healing, David has claimed that he never loved her and that he has a lot of terrible things to expose her for in court.


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