Jenelle Evans’ Fiancé Abused Son Kaiser, Ex’s Mother Claims In Court - Asks For Full Custody Of The Boy

Jenelle Evans’ Fiancé Abused Son Kaiser, Ex’s Mother Claims In Court - Asks For Full Custody Of The Boy

Nathan Griffith's mom has claimed that Jenelle Evans’ fiancé was violent towards son Kaiser! Doris Davidson wants to take Evans’ custody of the boy away from her, and one of her legal claims is that David Eason has left nasty bruises on the kid’s chest and back.

As fans of Teen Mom may already be aware, at the beginning of this month, Davidson filed a request for full custody of her grandson, listing several reasons, one of them being the alleged abuse that the three-year-old suffered at the hands of Eason.

Apparently, his bruising and marks are in places that are not indicative of the boy’s stumbling and falling like kids his age usually do.

Davidson also submitted two pictures of the bruising that appears either on the back or on the chest, where it looks like a finger had been pressed into his skin roughly.

‘David first told the proposed Intervenor that the minor child was trying to get out of his car seat and he reached to stop the minor, accidentally hitting him. The remainder of the weekend, the minor child appeared tired and complained his eye hurt and his head hurt,’ the court papers state.

However, Eason then changed his story twice, the second time claiming the boy leaned forward while in the car and David, without looking tried to reach something in the back and hit him by mistake.

The third story was that Jenelle’s fiancé and Kaiser were playing fight when he accidentally hit the boy.

In addition, Doris talked about how Evans also accused her of hitting the toddler, claiming she saw marks on his butt.

Of course, Davidson vehemently denied the accusations, arguing that Jenelle had been there with the grandma and Kaiser the entire time they hung out.

The custody claim is yet to be solved by the judge.

Do you think Jenelle will lose custody of her son?


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