Jenelle Evans’ Ex Meets With Her Estranged Mother! Is There A Hidden Agenda?

Jenelle Evans’ Ex Meets With Her Estranged Mother! Is There A Hidden Agenda?

Soon after his release from prison, Jenelle Evans’ ex-husband met up with her estranged mother, Barbara.

Now, Courtland Rogers decided to reveal what he discussed with his former mother-in-law.

“My niece goes to the same school as Jace, and they’re in the same class,” the 31-year-old stated.

“I was picking her up from school, and Barbara had her window down and asked how I was doing.”

Fans have been speculating that Rogers was helping Barbara in her custody battle with Jenelle over her son Jace, but the man denied they even mentioned the boy’s name during their short 5-minute conversation.

Jenelle added that there was no hidden agenda and their meeting was purely coincidental.

Courtland admitted he never had a good relationship with Barbara because of Jenelle, but now that they are broken up, he and his former mother-in-law are not feuding at all!

He mentioned that their relationship is based on mutual respect.

Also, the man admitted he would like to give his relationship with Jenelle another chance, but he will not reach up to her as she is currently dating David Eason.

“I see her living her life with David, and she looks happy. At the end of the day, that’s all I ever wanted for her.”

As fans may remember, the former couple was jailed back in 2013 for possession of heroin and other drugs after a domestic dispute.

Rogers spent three years behind bars and was released in March of 2017. He’s allegedly been completely sober since 2015.

Did you expect him to be on such good terms with his former mother-in-law?


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