Jenelle Evans Drags Kailyn Lowry And Amber Portwood - Says They Talk About Her For ‘Attention’

Jenelle Evans Drags Kailyn Lowry And Amber Portwood - Says They Talk About Her For ‘Attention’
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Will Jenelle Evans make peace with her Teen Mom co-stars one day? While that remains to be seen, it is safe to say that day is not today!

During an interview with HollywoodLife, Jenelle told the outlet that she is sick and tired of Amber Portwood and Kailyn Lowry ‘talking about me for their own attention!’

In fact, she even blocked Portwood on social media not too long ago.

There is however one Teen Mom that Jenelle is pretty close with and that is Briana DeJesus.

‘Briana reaches out to me if she ever reads or hears something crazy. She is not like the other girls trying to just go online and talk about me for their own attention and benefit to remain popular in the spotlight. Amber Portwood and Kail have both done this to me recently,’ Evans told the news outlet.

She went on to discuss Portwood and confessed that she was completely cut off.

‘I decided not to associate with Amber anymore and blocked her the other day. If Amber reached out to me in private with ‘concerns’ then I would not be so mad about it, but she is being like Kail.’

The reality TV star did not mention what exactly Portwood said about her.

As for her feud with Kailyn Lowry, the two women keep on making headlines because of it.

During another interview, this time with Lowry, she told HollywoodLife that she is not planning to shoot for Teen Mom until something is done about Jenelle’s mother Barbara, who jokingly threatened to kill her.

Jenelle insisted that her mom was only joking around and that even if she doesn’t like Kail, she would never want her to be hurt.

Regardless, Lowry did not take her words lightly.


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  • Elaine4399
    Elaine4399 Jan 21, 2019 9:39 PM PST

    I wish they will get off Janelle and be more supported of her...she just need someone to care and understand her, what she may or may not be going though weather than talk about her...bullying is not the way.

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