Jenelle Evans Crushed Her Mother Refused To Let Her See Her Son On Mother’s Day!

Jenelle Evans Crushed Her Mother Refused To Let Her See Her Son On Mother’s Day!

Jenelle Evans‘ ugly custody battle with her mom, Barbara has reached a point in which she was forced to lose time with her son on Mother’s Day! Now that another custody hearing is approaching, more details of their mother-daughter fight over the boy are surfacing.

The 24-year-old Jennelle took to social media to share the sad news that she would be spending Mother’s day without her oldest!

“On Mother’s Day I won’t have him,” she tweeted. “I’m torn. Was mad for too long then turned into tears the rest of my night.”

One fan wanted to know why she and her mother, along with the rest of the family, including Jace aren’t just spending the holiday together.

Evans explained that Barbara not only was not answering her calls but she also locked herself with Jace inside her home and refused to let Jenelle see her son.

Although the mother of three was very sad and disappointed she couldn’t have Jace by her side, she still managed to spend a beautiful day with her fiancé David Eason, 2-year-old son Kaiser and newborn daughter Ensley.

The proud mother posted a picture of her with the kids and their present to her.

At the end of the day she still felt the absence of her oldest, child. “This day didn’t go the way I imagined but there will be many more to come in the future,” she posted.

The Teen Mom star also revealed that May 25 is the day she is set to have her last court hearing regarding Jace’s custody.

As fans may remember, back in 2010, Jenelle signed custody rights to her mother because at the time she was always in and out of jail because of drug use, assault, and other charges.

However, even though she’s been staying out of trouble for the past two years, her mother refuses to sign custody of Jace back to Jenelle.

Who do you think should have permanent custody of the boy?


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