Jenelle Evans Claims She Has Not Been Fired From Teen Mom Despite Claims

Jenelle Evans Claims She Has Not Been Fired From Teen Mom Despite Claims
Credit: Source: TMZ

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy but it seemed like MTV was on their last straw with her once the Teen Mom star made headlines in the media for having her family dog killed by her husband. Soon after, it was reported that she was no longer on the show but according to Jenelle -- she has kept things civil with the network.

David Eason wasn't exactly a fan favorite. He and Janelle's toxic relationship was obvious to viewers and the two have been in the news for domestic violence claims before.

This already put the couple in hot water on whether they should be kept on the series but when David shot the pup who he claims bit their toddler daughter -- that set off a chain of events that ended up getting their children taken away, investigated for animal abuse, and seemingly fired.

Eason and Evans have regained custody of most of their kids and now the reality star claims that she hasn't been let go but she doesn't know exactly where she stands.

'My relationship with MTV right now — we just left it on a civil note. And, you know, apparently I’m still in an open contract, I hear. I hear that, you know, I’m not fired. So, I mean, I’m confused, because I only talk to one of my old producers, but no one else will speak to me, so I don’t know. Things have been very hush-hush.' she explained to People Magazine.

She added that if she does go back, she wants her life to be portrayed truthfully.

'But I would have to, I’ve been working with them for so long, just the editing is not good.'

She feels that her life is seen negatively due to the producers need for ratings. As of now, their life isn't being filmed.

David has explained how hard it is to keep his business running due to the fallout while Jenelle is pushing a cosmetics line.

Do you think they should be allowed back?


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