Jenelle Evans Breaks Her Silence On Chelsea Houska Exiting Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Breaks Her Silence On Chelsea Houska Exiting Teen Mom
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As you might have heard, it was confirmed that Chelsea Houska is leaving Teen Mom 2 after no less than 10 seasons part of the popular reality TV show! That being said, her former co-star, Jenelle Evans , broke her silence on how she feels about the other woman’s exit.

Not only that but, Jenelle also opened up about her life in quarantine, sharing how she’s been dealing with being in lockdown.

The news of Houska’s departure was confirmed at the end of last month, just a day before Halloween, making it much more terrifying for fans of Teen Mom than the spooky holiday itself!

The reality TV star, who is currently expecting her fourth child, stressed that it took ‘much thought and discussion’ with family members and friends to finally have her and her husband decide to leave Teen Mom.

When asked for her opinion on Houska leaving the reality show, Jenelle told E! News that it was ‘Good for her. I feel her story wasn't honest to begin with so maybe TV isn't meant for her.’

Jenelle was fired a few seasons back but, just like Chelsea, she was an OG member of the cast, both being featured ever since the first season of Teen Mom 2, back in 2011.

As for their relationship, just like it usually happens on reality TV, it’s been pretty tumultuous, the two celebs not really friends, be it on the small screen or behind the cameras.

After being fired because of her husband, David Eason, who killed her dog with the kids in the house, Jenelle eventually left him only to reunite not too long after.


Now, updating fans on her quarantine life, Jenelle told E! News that ‘Our marriage was a rocky start and we have been through a lot. But I feel like since quarantine, we really have got a lot closer. David is such a huge help around the house and helping the kids with school so I can get things I need to get done, since I work from home now.’


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