Jenelle Evans Apparently Lied About David Eason Killing Their Dog

Jenelle Evans Apparently Lied About David Eason Killing Their Dog
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According to a report from Page Six, Jenelle Evans recently told investigators that she lied about her husband, David Eason, killing their French bulldog. Stated by the Sheriff's Office of Columbus County, North Carolina, the star apparently told authorities she lied about it for "publicity."

According to Radar Online, Officials said to the NBC affiliate, WECT, that Jenelle filed the animal cruelty report simply because she didn't know where her dog was and she wanted attention from the media. Moreover, the police searched their home and discovered no evidence of any kind of violence or injury to a dog.

Initially, the reality star accused her man of shooting their dog named, Nugget, after it tried to bite their 2-year-old girl. In a since-deleted Instagram post of the dog, Eason can be heard saying that he doesn't care whose dog it is, he can't allow one to snap at his baby.

Eason said in the clip that he was all about protecting his family, and it was his "life's mission." "My family means that much to me," the reality star can be heard saying in the post. However, on social media, people are making different claims, stating that Jenelle is merely lying about the incident in an attempt to cover for Eason.

One person who commented about the incident asked if the kids confirmed the death of the dog or not, moreover, the commenter described the Sheriff as stupid. The social media user claimed Jenelle should be charged with filing a false police report if she really was lying.

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office has since stopped investigating and won't be pursuing the charges any further. However, they did not explain where the dog is at currently. It's unclear if the dog is alive or not as well, as neither parties have explained where it is.

Some people on social media believe the dog was merely lost, while others - as the person stated above - believe Jenelle is merely lying to hold her family together and protect David.

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