Jenelle Evans And Mom Barbara Get In Nasty Fight After Custody Hearing With David Eason

Jenelle Evans And Mom Barbara Get In Nasty Fight After Custody Hearing With David Eason
Credit: YouTube

Jenelle Evans got into a nasty fight with her mom Barbara, as they were leaving the latest court hearing regarding the custody of her kids.

The battle to get her and David Eason's daughter Ensley, as well as her son Kaiser, back got even more heated today. TMZ caught a nasty exchange between mother and daughter outside the courthouse. Barbara made sure the cameras knew the only reason Evans was hugging Ensley is for the media.

In the video, Evans is holding on tightly to Ensley, as Barbara tries to convince her to give the little girl back so they can go to lunch. Evans lashes out when her mother tells her she doesn't care about Ensley.

"I don't care. I am here. I am right outside the courthouse. If you have a problem with me hugging my daughter then go get an officer," the mother of three states as she continues to hold her toddler.

Later the video shows Evans holding Ensley's hand as she walks with Barbara, who is pushing the stroller. The war of words gets worse when a reporter shares, he is happy Evans got a moment with her daughter. Although the former Teen Mom 2 star expresses, she is happy too since her mother blocked her number, Barbara states it is only for the cameras.

Evans then unleashes with an accusation that Barbara's son Colin, Jenelle's brother, has been posting inpatriate pictures of Ensley online. She lets the cameras know that CPS won't answer her calls regarding the allegations, so Evans has involved Department of Family Services. Barbara slams the accusations as the two ladies air more dirty laundry about the court case.

The fight between Jenelle Evans and her mother Barbara is simply the latest in their relationship drama. In the video, the later can be heard saying she has to hire another lawyer now to keep fighting her daughter. Based on their argument, there is a lot more going on amid the family than the public is aware.

It has a trying month for the reality TV star and her husband, David Eason. Ever since he chose to shoot her dog Nugget, their lives have been turned upside down. They have a long fight ahead of them if they want to regain custody of their kids . Mama Barbara is not backing down from her battle to keep Ensley, Kaiser, and Jace from the couple.


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