Jenelle Evans And David Eason Call 911 After Receiving Disturbing Letter Full Of White Powder

Jenelle Evans And David Eason Call 911 After Receiving Disturbing Letter Full Of White Powder
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Jenelle Evans and David Eason called 911 after he opened a disturbing letter full of white powder.

The former Teen Mom 2 stars can't catch a break these days, as the fallout from Eason killing Evansโ€™ dog Nugget continues to disrupt their lives. In the mail waiting for the couple when they returned from court one day was what appeared to be an important letter from the Brunswick County Clerk.

Although the incident occurred last month, the audio recording of her call to the authorities has just been released. Fans are now learning exactly what happened when Evans and Eason were victims of having a suspicious white powder sent to their home.

TMZ obtained the footage of Evans calling to ask for a police officer to come to their home, which took place on May 15th.

โ€œI was just wanting an officer to come down and talk to me at my house. I just checked my mailbox, and someone sent me a letter that has powder in it, and it said Brunswick County Clerk. And when my husband opened it, powder just came out all over my car, and we don't know what kind of powder or substance it is," the mother of three explained to the dispatcher.

The 27-year-old goes on to explain how she and Eason had just come back from court when they grabbed the mail. Evans continued sharing white powder went everywhere, all over her car and eventually the ground after Eason opened the letter.

There was apparently so much powder Eason dropped the letter in the mud, which turned white from the powder.

Evans reiterates that she just wants a police officer to come out to talk to her. The dispatcher agrees to send the authorities over to take statements from the couple and the call abruptly ends. There is no follow up so at this time, so it is unclear if the powder was dangerous or merely a ploy to upset the unpopular couple.

Jenelle Evans and her hot-headed husband, David Eason, got an unwanted package in the mail last month. It is the latest drama involving the couple who has had nothing but trouble for a couple of months. She was fired from Teen Mom 2 , all their children have been removed from their house , and they are fighting to keep their lives on track.

As of now neither the officers from Brunswick County nor the Eason's have commented on the 911 call or the suspicious white powder.

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