Jenelle Evans Accused Of Sending Nasty Texts To Baby Daddy’s Mom In Bombshell Child Custody Case

Jenelle Evans Accused Of Sending Nasty Texts To Baby Daddy’s Mom In Bombshell Child Custody Case

The war between Doris Davidson and Jenelle Evans is escalating more and more every day. Nathan Griffith’s mother has yet another reason for wanting to take grandson Kaiser away from his mother and her fiancé.

We have learned from exclusive court documents that Jenelle allegedly harassed Danielson with some really nasty text messages.

Doris claims that the Teen Mom star threatened her to drop her from supervision of the three-year-old if she didn’t stop talking about her on social media.

But that is not all – apparently, the threats and accusations continued to come in the form of text messages, one time Evans telling her child’s grandmother that she needed mental counseling and that she had anger issues.

Jenelle wouldn’t stop harassing her despite Danielson asking her to quit it.

Davidson also recalled a particularly upsetting exchange, when David Eason, Jenelle’s fiancé, called Kaiser a ‘f***ing queer,’ right in the toddler’s face.

Now, Davidson also claims the boy has started using the F word as a consequence of how much Jenelle and David curse around or at him.

The upset grandma goes on in the court documents, stating that Jenelle wouldn’t allow her to spend time with Kaiser unless she was around to supervise the hang out as well.

All in all, Danielson is requesting the judge to give her sole custody of the three-year-old.

Jenelle Evans released an official statement on the woman’s legal pursuit of her and her family, claiming that her estranged mother Barbara surely had something to do with it as well.

‘Doris made accusations but I can tell you that Barbara has a lot to do with them… Doris threw her own son under the bus by admitting that he has pending felonies and is possibly on drugs. I can tell you that they’re allegations driven by my mom, and she did not get her emergency custody,’ the Teen Mom star stated.


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