Jen Harley Is Not Looking For Love After Nasty Ronnie Magro Split

Jen Harley Is Not Looking For Love After Nasty Ronnie Magro Split
Credit: Source: TMZ

Even if these two wanted to continue their toxic relationship, they can't considering that they would be putting Ronnie Magro in legal trouble and Jen Harley at risk of losing her daughter. Although she is now free to date other people -- she isn't looking for love.

Jen often posts relatable quotes and memes about relationships and how men should be in one. However, just because she voices her opinion on what she looks for in a man it doesn't mean that she is actively searching.

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star told followers: 'Just because I’m single, does not mean I’m available. I have zero interest in dating anyone right now. I’m actually the happiest I have been in a long time just getting me back, to me. working on my mind body and soul right now. #friendzone2020.'

This comes after the 32-year-old accused her ex of sleeping with her friend. After receiving multiple DM's about Magro's behavior she addressed it on her Instagram Story.

'You cheated, you lied, you f***** up. It’s always been you. I don’t want to hear about Ron and all these other girls.  Believe me there’s been sooo many so please save the screen shots and pictures, I’m used to it. I know he’s hooking up with my friend to get back at me (back at me for not wanting to get back with him). It’s a cycle that never ends. I’m exhausted and disgusted by it.'

Currently, the mother of two has a protection order against her ex after they got into an extremely violent fight where Ronnie ended up being tased and handcuffed by the police.

He has taken to social media multiple times to slam Jen and write emotional messages about missing his daughter.

Jen has allegedly hired well-known celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom to help her fight the custody case.


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