Jeffree Star Opens Up About Nathan Schwandt Breakup

Jeffree Star Opens Up About Nathan Schwandt Breakup
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Jeffree Star wants the world to know the truth about his breakup with former boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. E! Online claims he and his ex broke up back in January of this year, and the news came as a sad surprise to many of his fans and followers.

It came as a shock to some people because it wasn't that long ago when Star was gifting his boyfriend of the time with luxurious items, including a lime-green Aston Martin. In recent news, fans of Jeffree took note of the fact the YouTuber changed the title and the description.

When fans became upset, he put it back to the way it was. Star admitted in a new YouTube video that he "did change the title" and the description, but he wound up putting it back to the way it was before. Star went on to add that he always owned the car, and "paid for it."

Jeffree added that for years, including when he was a young child, he wanted to get his own Aston Martin.

He remembers watching James Bond movies as a kid and wanting to get an Aston Martin so badly. For that reason, he purchased an Aston Martin and decided to "make something up," like a surprise.

Regardless, Star has been dealing with a grueling breakup with Nathan on an emotional level. He described himself as "devastated." He went on to say that he's afraid of people taking things he says out of context and misunderstanding the message.

Furthermore, speaking on the coronavirus pandemic, Star admitted he felt "kinda depressed" in recent weeks and has been struggling emotionally. As most know, the world is temporarily shut down at the moment as the coronavirus rips through nations all over the globe, with some exceptions.

Last month, Jeffree was in the news media once again related to his broken relationship. Star admitted he had been going out "all of the time," and even took a picture with the rapper, G-Eazy. Not long before then, he appeared on a streaming video with Ninja.

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