Jeffree Star Follows His 100-Year-Old Grandmother's Makeup Tutorial — See The Results

Jeffree Star Follows His 100-Year-Old Grandmother's Makeup Tutorial — See The Results
Credit: Source: Jeffree Star/Instagram

Jeffree Star took his followers on a trip down memory lane by using a makeup-tutorial that his 100-year-old grandmother sent to him. The video was from 1969 and Jeffree followed along by using the bare minimum of modern tools and techniques to see what finished look he'd get. There were several humorous moments, but it was a bit educational as well. For those who love the art of beauty, it was evident how much the industry and tools of the trade have changed in the past 50 years.

Jeffree had to forego many of the essentials he is familiar with and applied his foundation and concealer with his fingers. When it was time to do his eyes, he needed to use a brush so he wouldn't impale his own eye with his manicured nails.

One area of the tutorial that showed how much beauty and makeup has evolved was in the use of colors. The 1969 video tutorial recommended that only brunettes and those with dark hair wear black eyeliner or dark colors on the eye. They also recommended using baby oil on eyebrows before plucking and then applying makeup.

You may see Jeffree Star recreate the look from 1969 in the video player below.

The video has gone viral and Jeffree's approach to using the vintage makeup tutorial was humorous and entertaining. There is one specific point in the video where he found it beneficial to apply lipstick the way the women did in the late sixties. The model in the video placed an elbow on a table to steady it, then used her fingers to hold her chin in place. Instead of using a lip pencil to outline the lips, she dipped a brush into the lipstick and applied the color to her mouth that way.

It was also fascinating to see the bare-bones approach to contouring and highlighting that they used in the sixties. They were also aware of highlighting and diminishing specific features through makeup and optical illusions. Though Jeffree has said he wanted to include his grandmother in the tutorial, she isn't comfortable being on camera yet. The only thing missing from the tutorial was his grandmother, but other than that, it was a fun look at makeup tips from the past. What did you think of Jeffree's vintage makeover?

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