Jeffree Star Explains Why He's Going Out So Much Lately

Jeffree Star Explains Why He's Going Out So Much Lately
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Jeffree Star is continuing to take the beauty world by storm while figuring out how to be single after being in a serious relationship for half of a decade. Fans have been noticing that Jeffree has been partying a lot lately and he has the perfect response as to why.

During Superbowl weekend, the influencer was in Miami dancing the night away and even snapped a photo with G Eazy. Before that, he appeared on a Tik Tok with famous gaming streamer Ninja.

His supporters were worried that Star may have been spiraling after the breakup but it's quite the opposite -- he's doing what he wasn't able to do for quite some time.

'It's nice to have genuine friendships with people who are also on YouTube and doing really big things,' he started to explain via Instagram Stories.


'And that genuinely want to hang out and want to have a f****** amazing time. I know a lot of you have been like, 'Oh, Jeffree's going out every night, Jeffree's doing this, you don’t normally do this. You guys, real tea...I was with someone that didn’t want to go out, didn’t want to go to strip clubs, didn't ever want to go to the club. I’ve been going out since I was 17 with a fake ID, b**** is over 30 now, honey, so it’s nice to enjoy things that you haven’t done in a while. You know I was living the best life with all my friends.'

This comes after Jeffree and Nathan Schwandt called it quits.

The beautuber told his subscribers that although they love each other -- they weren't in love.

Additionally, Nathan wasn't a fan of being in the spotlight while that's what Jeffree's lavish life requires him to be.

The two are still great friends and are sharing custody of their dogs.

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