Jeff Lowe Says There Could Be Dead Bodies Buried At Tiger King's Zoo And Says Joe Exotic Engaged In Bestiality!

Jeff Lowe Says There Could Be Dead Bodies Buried At Tiger King's Zoo And Says Joe Exotic Engaged In Bestiality!
Credit: Source: Tiger King/Netflix

There are seriously disturbing allegations being made against Joe Exotic, the star of Netflix's binge-worthy docuseries Tiger King. The Daily Mail spoke to Jeff Lowe, the current owner of the Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park that Joe used to co-own with Jeff before he was convicted on wildlife violations and found guilty for the attempted-murder-for-hire plot against Tampa big cat rescue owner Carole Baskin. Jeff did not hold back when it came to spilling details on Joe Exotic and some of the claims he made were shocking. According to Jeff Lowe, Joe Exotic may have had the dead bodies of two protesters buried at the zoo. Lowe also stated that Joe Exotic engaged in bestiality at the zoo and he and his ex-husband, John Finlay would use stuffed animals with holes cut into them as sex toys.

Jeff Lowe stated the following to The Daily Mail.

"In just the few years that we knew him, we witnessed so many horrendous things that he did to people and businesses, nobody around here would take his checks because he bounced them on everybody."

Lowe explained that after Joe left the state and he and his wife took over the zoo, they had access to a computer that Joe Exotic used along with an email account. The Daily Mail article showed emails from Joe Exotic to Craigslist users where he was soliciting male prostitutes. They also published photos of women's lingerie that Lowe said was worn by Joe Exotic and one of his two husbands: John Finlay. They also published photos of the stuffed animals that Lowe claims were used as sex toys.

Jeff Lowe also said that he investigated Joe Exotic's attic where he found more evidence of Joe's sex life including videos and pictures of Joe filming his husband having sex with another man.

Also discussed in the article were allegations that Joe would bring farm animals into his residence at night where he and others would engage in bestiality.

"You would hear horrible things coming from inside the house," Lowe quoted an employee as saying to him.

But worst of all was the allegations that there are dead bodies buries at the zoo. Jeff Lowe stated the following to the Daily Mail.

"After Joe was arrested, four locals who didn't know each other told me that there could be dead bodies buried on the property."

Lowe stated that he was told a zoo employee shot two protesters who were trying to climb the zoo's fence. Lowe described the story he heard as follows.

"It was about 3 a.m. at the time. After they were finished off [dead] they told Joe what happened. Joe allegedly instructed them to put the bodies into the cavity of the big construction tires they have out there that weigh about 200 pounds each. He then told them to throw gasoline on it and light it on fire to burn the bodies."

You may read more details at the Daily Mail's shocking article.

At this time, an investigation hasn't determined if human bones were recovered from the zoo site. What do you think about Jeff Lowe's stories about Joe Exotic? Do you believe that Netflix only touched the surface regarding the illegal activities that took place at the zoo?

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