Jeff Lewis Talks Custody Of Baby Monroe After The Flipping Out Star Confirms Split From Gage Edward

Jeff Lewis Talks Custody Of Baby Monroe After The Flipping Out Star Confirms Split From Gage Edward
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Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis revealed on Thursday during his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live that he and his partner, Gage Edward, had split after ten years together. He explained that the separation was “a long time coming,” and one of the biggest reasons they waited was their 2-year-old daughter, Monroe.

For the past year, Lewis says that he and Edward had been living in the same house, but in different rooms. And, this past week, Edward finally decided it was time to move out of the house, and he is now living in a hotel.

"I think the reason we hadn't ripped the Band-Aid off and actually separated is because we have the baby, and neither one of us want to leave the baby," Lewis revealed.

He added that finances were also a factor because they are working on four properties that were under construction or on the market.

Currently, Monroe is with Lewis, and he called himself a “single dad.” But, just because Edward moved out, it doesn’t mean Lewis has lost hope about their future. He told his fans that he made it clear to Edward that he wasn’t throwing him out or breaking up with him. He was simply giving him time and space so he could get the clarity he needs for the family to stay together.

Lewis and Edward never married, but a caller still asked if the two had a custody arrangement for Monroe if the couple went from being on a break to splitting up for good.

"Oh, god, I don't even want to go there," Lewis told the caller. "Honestly, I'm hoping that the guy wakes up. I'm hoping that he wakes up. I'm hoping that he sits in that hotel room alone, he misses his family, he misses his life, starts focusing on the positive and stops focusing on the negative. So let's just pray."

Flipping Out has been on the air for 11 seasons, and fans have watched Jeff and Gage’s relationship evolve, and they also witnessed the two of them become fathers and adjust to life with a newborn.

But, over the last year, the relationship changed, and Lewis says that he and Edward were “friends with benefits,” and more like roommates. Because they stayed in separate rooms, there was a lack of intimacy, and Lewis says that left him feeling lonely, sad, and disappointed.

This confusing physical relationship is what led Edward to finally move out. He said that the situation had been torturing him for months.

Lewis still has hope that they will be able to work things out. He says that Edward has lost sight of the good things in life, and hopefully he will work through his resentment and focus on the positive.

Jeff Lewis Live airs on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays.


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