Jeff Lewis Admits That He's Been Drinking A Lot These Days

Jeff Lewis Admits That He's Been Drinking A Lot These Days
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Breaking up with his ex, Gage Edward, and the subsequent fight for their 3-year-old daughter, Monroe, has led Jeff Lewis to drink heavily claims a new report from Page Six. On his Sirius XM Radio show this past Wednesday, the host explained he was relying on alcohol a lot to numb his pain.

Mr. Lewis explained to the listeners of his show that it has since become a solid part of his routine. Lewis admitted he was considering eliminating all of the alcohol from his home because it would likely result in an alcohol reduction of around 60%.

Jeff admitted he had been drinking by himself in his home. As it was previously reported, the 49-year-old, Lewis, and Edward, 35, broke up in January of this year after a relationship of ten years.

Lewis explained that before they finally called it off, he and his partner had been living like "roommates" and were never intimate.

Approximately four months after their split, Lewis explained that he and his partner were still trying to hammer out a deal regarding their co-parenting schedule. Back in May, Lewis admitted he didn't always want to be around their child when he was there.

As for how things fell apart, Lewis shared that if he could turn the clocks back by two years, he would've handled many aspects of their romance differently. He claims he "disrespected" his former partner and their relationship. It ended up damaging it beyond repair.

Even though things haven't gotten better between them as of late, Jeff stated he wanted to have a romance with Gage. During the same conversation, his co-hosts, Eden and Kelly, asked him how he would go about becoming friends with Edward again, and he said to him in response, "this is too deep for me, I mean, I just admitted I'm a functioning alcoholic."

There's no question that child custody disputes are often stressful for both parties. Gage and Jeff aren't the only entertainment figures to fight for custody. Currently, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are embroiled in a trial as well regarding their adopted kids.

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